Ecoinversión Forestal

The Future of the Environment




Paper money has become the main representation of value for nations, which fill their coffers by issuing securities, manage economic activity, and stimulate the excessive consumption of goods and services.

For its part, humanity has lost sight of the essential, accepting the current predator system as the only way of life, a situation that has led to inevitable degradation and the disproportionate loss of natural resources, and thus the continued deforestation of the planet, it makes the forest stands in danger of extinction.


“Ecoinv” is an environmental cryptocurrency that gives real economic value to the protection and care of the environment, and finances industrial reforestation, turning this economic activity into an important source of sustainable development.



Planet Earth is an ecosystem where everything is interconnected, however, economies and monetary systems have excluded the environment from this equation, by not giving a representation of the real value to the vital natural resources, which are in disadvantaged compared to gold, fossil fuels, illegal crops, and livestock, among other aspects, creating a catastrophic global imbalance.

To encourage and promote the recovery of areas affected by soil degradation and the protection of the forest masses, Ecoinversión Forestal has created the environmental cryptocurrency Ecoinv, to finance, and develop the forest chain, thus creating a real possibility to mitigate the devastating effects of deforestation

The “Ecoinv” is supported by tangible, intangible, and vital value reserves, which allow measuring economic growth and the improvement of social and environmental conditions in the regions, thus strengthening industrial reforestation and contributing to the sustainable development of the planet.


Value reserve

The "Ecoinv" value reserves are divided into three groups


These are the reserves that can be commercialized in the markets. Example: woods, wood products, CO2 capture, tourism, education, among others.


These are reserves represented in regional benefits such as recovery and valuation of land, food security, socio-economic development.



These reserves are represented in benefits to life such as environmental quality, protection, and recovery of biodiversity.

Ecoinv’s Interest payment’s infographic

 Capital lenders will be able to make fixed-term investments in FIAT money, backed by banks, and receiving a high return paid in Ecoinv and guaranteed through smart contracts.

Bank intermediation

Capital lenders will have the security of their investment guaranteed by traditional banks and the guarantee of receiving their investment in Fiat money at the end of the agreed term, likewise, the investments with the money collected will be invested in industrial reforestation under the supervision of the bank who Disbursements will be made according to the development of the crops and backed with a real guarantee with the bank. In a virtual wallet, The investor will receive the corresponding monthly interest in


Agreed through a smart contract that guarantees automatic compliance with it. The investor may change the “Ecoinv” received for Fiat money at any time or keep them to achieve the yields due to increased valuation.

Ecoinv’s Valorization

The valuation of “Ecoinv” is associated with tangible, intangible, and vital value reserves.

In these programs, Ecoinversión will buy and commercialize all industrially produced wood, deducting from the purchase price the financing and advances received by the producer during the development of his plantation.


In the simplest terms, Blockchain can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. Blockchain technology opened a new and prevailing monetary alternative for humanity to create and manage values. Although the blockchain is relatively new, there are already many applications of this technology in the real world, one of them is the green capital market, where the blockchain has already been tested and proven to be applicable, this Technology opens markets for green companies, allowing financing of new projects and CO2 emissions trading.

Advantages of Blockchain over the Typical Centralized System

Transparent network system.

High-security protocols.

Verification of transactions.

Get rid of intermediaries.

Lower costs.

Immutable and decentralized.

Legal Notice

This whitepaper is a working document that is subject to review and changes.

This is not a fundraising document.

The objective of the “EcoInv” White Paper, is to present an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically profitable business model.

This whitepaper has not been reviewed by any regulatory authority.