Ecoinversión Forestal

The Future of the Environment

Technical Aspects

Consulting and technical assistance:

The permanent availability of professionals and expert advisers to assist the peasant in all the links of the forest chain

Technological development.

The criterion to integrate the best technologies into production processes, to reduce risks, losses and harmful effects, achieving greater effectiveness in the different stages.


The creation of micropropagation laboratories in the region guarantees not only the production of seedlings for industrial reforestation but also the propagation of native species to repopulate the deforested areas of the forests.


Technical and practical training in agroforestry management with the peasantry. are the fundamental bases for the successful development of the program.


Equipment and Supplies:

Our our financing system will allow us to acquire and supply all the latest technology equipment and machinery for the productive sector of the forest chain, to guarantee greater production of the best quality.

Sowing and Maintenance:

The production of excellent seedlings in our laboratories, training, technical assistance and adequate equipment will guarantee vigorous and healthy reforestation.

Logging and harvesting:

The benefits of allocating large tracts of land for industrial reforestation will be reflected in the reduction of felling, collection and transportation costs